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Text Yourself B4 You Wreck Yourself

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Or text someone else…

Single girl traveling, taking a cab all on your lonesome? Best tip EVER to feel and be safer: text or smartphone email your cab company, number and time you got into your cab (+ any other dets you feel are uber importante) to someone who cares. This way if something were to happen to you, there would be a record of it. Not into the paranoid mindset? It helps when you leave something or your phone in the cab. Like I would ever do that. Whoopsies.

Dreaming of AFAR

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EGYPT: There is a magic there.                                               Follow my blog with Bloglovin! 
And I can feel it all the way from Texas. 
The Luxor Ruins via upyernoz
The mystery of the country, combined with it's ancient history (literally, ancient) placed it very high on my "must explore before I am no more" list quite some time ago. Today, while perusing the Rosewood Hotels and Resorts Facebook page, I stumbled upon an opportunity that very well could result in a life-changing adventure. 
This travel opportunity is the inaugural voyage of AFAR Experiences, and it is going to be held in Cairo, Egypt this October. This spectacular 3-day event encompasses everything I want in a solo expedition to a foreign country: culture, nightlife, exploration, history, current events and the opportunity for insight into everyday life of it's inhabitants. The premise behind these events is just mindwatering (like mouthwatering but for your brain), you really have to check it out for yourself to really understand what this company is doing: http://www.afarexperiences.com/cairo.
See what I mean? Most definitely a life-changing adventure. 

Mission for the next couple of weeks: figure out how to make this possible for myself so that I can become a more informed, and much more fulfilled, global citizen. 

Talk to You in A Nile,

Chow Here - Newport, RI

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My first Chow Here post!

Chow Here:
Scales and Shells - Newport, RI

A Gal Photo Original
Who I Am:
A sweet, one room restaurant filled with the warms aroma of cooking seafood and pasta. Newport's only "only fish" restaurant. A bar in one corner, the open kitchen in the other and a room full of tables makes you feel like you're eating an indulgent and comfortable meal with all of your best friends.

Where I Am:
Off the "main drag" along the ocean but with a sweet little street view for all of the diners sat along the windows. Check out the "real Newport", a quiet and historic town filled with yachtsmen, preppies, fishermen, bicyclists, runners and folks just walking home from their day jobs.

My Type of Customer:
Local diners. Fish lovers. Couples and groups and people who like a long meal. Those who are of an age to really appreciate good seafood. People who like to clean up well but prefer an informal meal. The reasonably priced menu can accommodate any diner.

What To Order:
Share Lobster Fra Diavolo for 2, which pretty much feeds 8. All 8 true servings would still be filled with spicy, delicious seafood and fresh noodles. Large, delicious and a great meal served in a pan, perfect for sharing with a side of wine, conversation and laughter. You can order any of the other fresh dishes straight off the blackboard menu. The fishies will not disappoint.

How to Find Me:
Ask anyone in town, or walk down Thames Street along Newport Harbor and you will run straight into the storefront.

Scales & Shells' Lobster Fra Diavolo
A Gal Photo Original

Newport, Rhode Island has forged it's place on my list of favorite towns. Ever.
Historic, classic, indulgent, secluded, peaceful and surrounded by water, water and more water.

Oh and did I mention that in that water lives food of the sea?
aka: Seafood.
A perfect location for a warm, welcoming and delicious restaurant like Scales and Shells.

Sleeping with the fishies (the delicious ones in my dreams),

Pack Me! Pack Me!

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Mrs. Lilien's traveling suitcase is on a grand parade around the world and I want to join!

The suitcase's first fabulous trip - live vicariously through some fabulous traveling women here.

Such a style maven, that Mrs. Lilien (of http://blog.mrslilien.com/), always filling my head with fabulous Mrs. personas to dream about being.

Most recent Lilien-inspired daydream is better than the rest though: to be the girl that carries that gorgeous round suitcase on a globe-trotting expedition. Yes Please. I can't wait to see where that suitcase goes and to find such a great piece of my own (aka to find my own replica).
Can I be Mrs. Wanderlust?

Perfect for a summer, European beach vaca.

Photo Via Pintrest

Dreams of Circle Suitcases Tonight Girls!

Cut Down on Plane Weight - Eat Light

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One of the hardest things to find in an airport is something I am inevitably craving: healthy, non-processed food. Although not a paleo convert, the ideology behind the diet/way of life is completely understandable and I would love to live my life with only fresh, real ingredients in my food. It can just be a bit unattainable, especially if you are traveling constantly. One thing that makes eating healthy and natural on the go just a little easier are Steve's Original PaleoKits.

Filled with jerky, raw macadamias, almonds, pecans and dried fruit, this original PaleoKit makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It definitely makes my mouth water if I think of being in an airport at 8 o'clock at night with nothing but the "el aeropuerto bar and grill" as my food option on a 7 hour hungry stomach, and then think of this kit. Fast, healthy and conveniently vacuum packed for fitting in just about any travel case.

I want to stock my pantry, and suitcases with these kits. now.
I love arriving at my destination feeling nourished and ready to "hit the ground" running, which you do not get with a 7 day old side-sandwich and airplane soda.

Moral of the story, traveling + paleo kit = one happy traveler.

Nom, Nom,

Fly Me to The Moon...Privately

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New AWESOME site:

Social Flights

Hate crowds or the hassle of public air transportation? Want to feel special with a flight on a private jet for less than the cost of a regular flight? This site makes it possible. I. Am. Serious. I am hooked and so checking it constantly from now on.

Girl trip in the future with our own private plane so we can get a little crazy? I think so.

Daily Mail

'Til Next Time,

Inaugural Cigar!

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So excited to finally start a blog that combines what I know and love: reading, writing and all things travel. To kick it off, let's celebrate with a cigar, case that is, from the master of luxury travel items: Louis Vuitton.

Nothing but the best for the first blog post.

Some may ask who needs a $1,310 cigar case made of rich mahogany made specifically for carrying your finest cigars with you while you travel. I ask simply, who doesn't?

If you are going to be cigar connoisseur, and you are going to travel, you might as well do both right with this case and Travel and Puff in Style. Cigars aren't your thing? Well, it sure would make the perfect treat for one lucky man.


Cigar Case via Louis Vuitton